Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Heirloom Garden

Hello, and welcome to our blog. We created this blog to get the word out about the state of our food supply and how it is of extreme importance for people to start growing their own food.

This will be our first year getting really serious about doing our own garden. After doing much research, we decided it was best to go with heirloom seeds. The reason is, heirloom seeds are unadulterated and naturally open pollinated. Much of the seed sold at grocery stores are of hybrid variety, or even worse, genetically engineered.

So far we have just started germinating our seeds and they are eight days old. They are growing much faster than any other seeds I have ever germinated. I purchased the seeds from, which is the best deal on heirloom seeds by far on the net.

We will be reporting every few days and will be closely documenting every step involved in growing our organic heirloom produce. Check back soon for more content, including videos, pictures and more.

This Saturday we will be tilling up our yard, as well as a few other yards of people who have join the Heirloom Revolution.

Here is a picture of my Heirloom seedlings: